Nail the interview



How confident are you in your interview skills? Likely you have experience interviewing others, but, it may have been a while since you were on the other side of the table. Is relying on your instincts enough to nail the interview? If you found a great job, got the attention of the hiring manager, and managed to get an interview scheduled, don’t miss a great job opportunity because you haven’t prepared for the interview.


Phase 1: Interview Prep

  • We share best practices for different interviewing methodologies and how to prepare.
  • Use our tips for creating a compelling elevator pitch to open the interview.
  • Get beyond the basics: what you should know before going in for the interview.
  • Learn how to use the interview to confirm what you need to know apart from the job description, including culture, work style, and shared values.
  • Master parity in the interview to ensure it is not one-sided.

Phase 2: Mock Interview

  • Rehearse and utilize your elevator pitch.
  • The video recording of your Mock Interview is yours to keep with unlimited views.
  • Review STAR scenarios that highlight your expertise.
  • Practice answering surprise questions that are difficult to anticipate.
  • If needed, prep for answering awkward questions about work gaps, short tenures, and apparent job-hopping.
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