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As technology advancements increasingly drive recruiting and hiring practices, career-coaching support systems are needed. They counter the resulting trend of cookie-cutter resume and profile creation, and redundancy of online job postings. Job Seekers’ Edge is a client-first company where art meets science to empower you in your job transition. Every job seeker has unique strengths, career objectives, and personal network ecosystems. At Job Seekers’ Edge, we are passionate about building and supporting an individualized and integrated system to achieve your job transition objectives.

A suite of services for professionals in career transition

A one-size-fits-all approach is unlikely to deliver the most impactful outcomes for most job seekers. With an integrated approach to the three pinnacles of career advancement — digitally optimized content, leveraged network utilization, and personalized interview mentoring and preparation —Job Seekers’ Edge can accelerate your job search.

Kathryn Justyn, P.C.C.

Principal, Kathryn co-founded Job Seeker’s Edge in 2019 after 20+ years of successful sales and management experience of outsourced Human Resource infrastructure in multiple industry segments. Kathryn is a high energy professional with a proven track record as a strategic thinker, and business builder who develops strong client relationships from the ‘C’-Suite to base staff.  As a Professional Certified Coach, Kathryn has a genuine passion for helping, mentoring and educating others. She excels at assisting clients in identifying and utilizing their unique talents and tools to overcome blind spots and roadblocks to achieve maximum success in their job transition.

“A dedicated professional who creates positive outcomes for her clients.” 

C.L.L.  – CEO


"I cannot thank you enough for your time and information. You are making a big impact on my life!"

R.B.  -  Director, Risk Management


“I haven’t had to interview or prepare my resume in years so it was nice to rely on her team of professionals.”

N.G. – Senior Leader

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