branding basics



Whether you are in job search mode, working with recruiters, or just staying connected, it is paramount to know the value you bring to the table and have it reflected in your own personal brand.


Knowing the Branding Basics on LinkedIn will allow you to feature your talents, create more professional visibility and become a stand out in your industry as a thought leader. Leave behind the concept of flying under the radar, you should always showcase who you really are as a professional.


By thoroughly developing and maintaining your LI profile, refreshing existing connections, creating new ones, and updating your profile with new and leveraging relevant content, you can command authority on industry-related topics. Work with our team of professional coaches to discover how easy it is to make a lasting first impression with fellow executives and other key influencers.


Phase I: Work with our professional writers to create

exceptional content for a robust LinkedIn Profile.

  • The writers can freshly articulate and feature your personal selling points beyond what is on your resume.
  • Your updated LinkedIn profile content will be designed to maximize visibility and increase viewer engagement and will make you stand out among executives in your field.

Phase 2: Engage with a professional career coach and learn how to leverage your new professional brand.

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile beyond the content by utilizing tips and tools.
  • Showcase your industry knowledge with compelling insight.
  • Learn how to initiate conversations with key industry leaders that lead to valuable introductions and referrals.
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