Make Friends and Influence Recruiters With an Attention-Grabbing Banner on Your Linked-In Profile

90% of us settle for the LinkedIn banner design. But with a little time and effort, you can add a unique banner that may influence recruiters to read further and remember your profile.

  • Keep it simple by using a banner that is eye-catching, but not distracting. A simple, professional design is best, with minimal text, and a high quality image to convey your personal brand.
  • Use programs like or to create your banner, or hire a freelancer to create one for you.
  • Add text that reflects your expertise and value proposition, such as “Senior Data Science/Python Engineer” or “Experienced Financial Analyst: Delivering Data-Driven Insights and Solutions.”
  • Capture your personality in a professional, yet relaxed, photo of yourself sized to 646x200.
  • Get inspired - look through other LinkedIn profiles for great examples and unique approaches to help you craft your own compelling banner.

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