Bypass the Noise: Discover Alternative Paths to Hiring Managers

When you apply for employment online, do you frequently feel as though your resume disappears into thin air?

You may be spending hours perusing job ads, completing lengthy applications, and fine-tuning your resume with the ideal keywords, only to learn that many of these positions are either nonexistent, inaccessible, or already filled.

  • Many “open” positions are filled by internal promotions or referrals.
  • Recruiters often use online job posts to identify qualified applicants more quickly than they can go through countless online resumes.
  • Most vacant positions—particularly those at higher levels—are never even advertised.
  • Even if your resume makes it past Artificial Intelligence Tracking Systems, it will only be scanned by HR, and not the hiring manager.

Don't give up just yet. There are much better ways to find opportunities. Instead, reach out to your LInkedIn network, experts in your field, and former colleagues. 

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