The Job Change Essentials

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Personal branding allows you to stand out as a professional. What is your personal brand? Don’t leave this to chance, as it will influence how others view your expertise. This is your opportunity to showcase your goals, skills, and talents.

With our team of professional career coaches and certified resume writers, we help you create and promote your brand to recruiters and other executives.


Phase 1: Work with our PARW (Professional Association of Resume Writers) to create a new professional resume and robust LinkedIn Profile.

Fresh Resume

We’ll discuss your professional experience and establish your goals during a one-to-one phone interview with our writers. They’ll develop a fresh resume utilizing keywords designed to help you conquer the ATS (Applicant Tracking Software).

Robust LinkedIn Profile

A newly created by-line to strengthen your professional profile – designed to maximize your visibility and increase viewer engagement.

Implementation of search engine optimized (SEO) keywords most often used by recruiters.

Phase 2: Engage with one of our professional career coaches and learn how to leverage your new personal brand.

Use our tips for creating a compelling Elevator Pitch to help you get invited to the interview.

Our coaches will show you how to enhance your brand with LinkedIn All-Star Status.
Learn how to leverage LinkedIn to attract recruiters and executives that hire.

With a guided introduction, discover how ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) can work for you against you if you don’t have the inside track.