"Why Does Emotional Intelligence Matter More Than IQ?"

Harvard Business Review's "Emotional Intelligence" series of books are consistently on our list of favorite books. These are not self-help books so much as a treasure trove of wisdom on navigating life's twists and turns.


Inside, the secrets of emotional intelligence are uncovered, which boils down to these five crucial skills:


Know Thyself: It's about understanding your feelings and how they steer your choices.

Walk in Their Shoes: Empathy is the name of the game, where you learn to sense what others are going through and respond with kindness.

Keep Your Cool: Self-regulation helps you keep a level head, even when things get wild, so you can make wise decisions.

Stay Driven: Motivation is the fuel that keeps you moving toward your dreams, no matter the hurdles.

People Skills: Lastly, there's the art of getting along with others and building bonds that last.

Think of these skills as superpowers—they're not just handy in life but can also give you a leg up in your career. Employers these days appreciate a high EQ as much as a sharp IQ. 


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