LinkedIn Logos – Why?

A logo is an essential element to a strong LinkedIn profile. While the platform caters to professionals, it's still important to stand out from the crowd and make your profile memorable.

Logos provide instant recognition for your brand or of a brand or business. Think about companies like Amazon, Apple, or Boy Scouts of America. Their logos are iconic; it's almost impossible to forget them.

A powerful logo has the ability to create favorable associations and talking points. Instead of coming across as a generic job seeker, you’ll make yourself known with a recognizable image.

Logo’s add color and variety to basic profile page. When people read digitally, their eyes are naturally drawn to pictures before they read text. Having a profile that is text dense is unappealing and can be an instant turn-off for potential recruiters and business partners.

Yes, LinkedIn profiles are meant to be professional—but that doesn’t mean they have to be dull. Your logo should reflect your brand's values, goals and personality.

As your LinkedIn banner is your personal logo, don’t skimp on creating a dynamic logo for your profile—it could be the difference between getting noticed or being lost in the sea of profiles.

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