How to Identify and Highlight Your Transferable Skills in a Job Search

When you’re crafting your resume, highlighting key transferable skills is an excellent way to demonstrate the breadth of your experience and knowledge. Featuring these hands-on skills will help you get the job.

People Skills: This includes the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively, as well as motivating, listening and demonstrating empathy.

Management: Knowing how to make decisions, negotiate, manage time effectively, and allocating resources.

Leadership: High-level leadership is best modeled by commitment, passion, empowering others, resilience and demonstrating emotional intelligence.

Research and Planning: This includes project and risk management, budgeting, resource allocation and prioritization.

Hard Skills: Technical know-how that can be applied to specific tasks such as computer programming, software troubleshooting and data analysis.

Additional Skills: For example, published articles in professional journals or magazines, speaking engagements, successful volunteer projects and second languages.

Pay attention to frequently used keywords in job postings and utilize them in your resume.

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