How Hiring Professionals Rate Emotional Intelligence

When hiring personnel are looking to fill high-level positions, they evaluate candidates for more than just qualifications and experience. While those criteria can often provide a good indication of whether someone is suitable for the role, what employers are increasingly seeking out is emotional intelligence (EQ).

Here are some key indicators that recruiters look for: 

  • Aptitude in problem solving – Interview questions about how you’ve worked through disagreements or difficult conversations without becoming emotionally overwhelmed.
  • Ability to collaborate – You may be queried on how you interact with other people in defined situations, such as during a group task or negotiation.
  • Listening skills – Interviewers will be looking for active listening; are you asking questions about the topic being discussed to gain clarity?
  • Empathy – Are you demonstrating genuine interest in the person speaking?
  • Self-awareness – You may be asked to describe an incident where your made mistakes or errors, and how you handled the situation. 

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