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Enhancing Job Search with Personal Branding

Whether you are in job search or not, good habits of professional branding and marketing should be done regularly for professional/career enhancement. And, surprise, it's not just about your resume, or trolling job search sites.

Awareness: Routinely post, blog or industry information to reinforce your visibility.

Relationships: Be a presence at industry events, online forums, engage with centers of influence (COIs), actively nurture client relationships (if applicable), and participate in community activities.

Network: Regularly attend industry conferences, seminars, and local business events to meet and expand your network. This is probably the most important aspect of being proactive in your job search.

Trust: A consistent presence, along with communication and engagement will build trust with those in your industry, network and community.

Authority: Demonstrate your expertise and knowledge through articles, that provide information to your industry and to possibly establish yourself as a thought leader.

Maintain your LI profile: Keep your profile updated with fresh content, and optimized for search engines.

Continue to Learn: Increase your knowledge and ability through taking classes to enhance your skills.

Remember, your resume is just the beginning. Establishing a strong personal brand is a sure-fire way to enhance your job search.

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